Denim Lace Purses and Kindergarten

Denim Lace Little Explorer Purses are HERE and just in time for school!  Get them for $10 in my shop Mari-Mac Designs. These will be on sale for 24 hours only or until they sell out.

I had a lot of fun digging up Fall fashion inspiration in my girls’ closets. I love how the denim and lace go perfectly with all the Fall colors.

My oldest just started Kindergarten and has had a cough and runny nose since she started. I suppose it was inevitable seeing as how this is her first year to be in school full time.

These purses were originally designed for tissues. I wanted to be able to allow my children to practice proper hygiene and be more independent without spreading germs. My original tissue holder was my pockets or bra. Yes, I know gross! I needed tissues to be easily accessible in case of the dreaded snot-rocket. Sorry for the visual, but its true. I always had tissues in my purse, but getting to them before the girls smeared snot onto their arm or the front of their clothes was the issue

With our Little Explorer purses, I just send my little school girl off with a fresh supply of tissues hanging around her neck. She has been trained and it makes me a proud mommy!

Other than a tissue purse, our Little Explorers have been used to hold snacks for toddlers or small rocks and treasures. My girls have started to get into Shopkins lately, as annoying as theses small toys can be, they are pretty cute and spur the girls’ imagination.

I hope the school year is going great for everyone, adults included!





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